Friday, June 20, 2008

Last Day

What a way to start a last day! We went to the park where Sifu Wong (Gabi's adopted Tai Chi Sifu) started teaching her his movements. He was very exact in his movements. Minor changes in stance and positioning to correct movements. He was very powerful to be 76 years old! He was very sad to see Gabi go. He wants her to come back and see her.

Eoin and Sam came to the park today where I had them run through their forms. It was hot and they were tired, but it was well worth it. I walked around the park and found some people playing Mantis. this turned out to be Master Yuen Man Kai. He is a school brother to Branden Lai of the Plum Flower Mantis System. He showed us a form and then gave us a free Mantis seminar. He knows of our Grandmaster and was kind enough to show us some pictures. Among the Pictures, was one from the U.K. from the White Cloud Kung Fu Association. I asked if he knew Steve Clark and he remembered him form his travels there. We had a lot of fun and wished we found him earlier in the trip as he promise to teach us. Doug, this was the same Master that our friends from Brazil learned from.

We will be going to the Big Buddha today on Lantau Island. Can't wait to get back, but will miss my Hong Kong.


Back Home!

Well, I am finally getting the time to write in after being back home. It has been a whirlwind to say the least the last couple of weeks. I went straight to work when I arrived home. Whoa the jet lag!

I just want to say thank you to Sifu Chris for inviting me along on the trip. It was a great experience again! I was so happy that some of the students had a chance to go over and meet Si Gung. It is truly a once in a lifetime thing and I got to do it twice!

I am very proud of all of those guys that went. From what Chris has told me, they did a bang up job impressing Si Gung over the two days. I know they were nervous meeting him. We had a long talk about it my last night there where I tried to reassure them that everything would be fine.

I miss HK already and want to go back. I wished I would have had more time, but, as you know, we in America have many priorities that we must take care of and a week was all I could spare. I know more students will want to go in the future and I hope that Chris and I can go back and give them the experience that we have been able to live. It is truly "living the dream" as far as Kung Fu goes.

I want everyone to know that, and I can speak for Chris too I am sure, all my life, I have been wanting to train in a kung fu style that had depth and history and a legacy as we have all read and heard about. I will tell you now, that this style, Lai Tong Pai, has as much or more of these things as any other famous kung fu style and I am privileged to be carrying the banner, along side with Chris, in continuing the legacy of our style. Wearing the shirt around HK will prove this to anyone who questions it. "Ah, you train with Sifu Kong Hoi?" This is what you here from anyone in the martial arts world over there. He is a legend to say the least. And you are given respect for just being associated with him. We, as practitioners of the style, can only hope to accomplish all that he has for the style and we must strive to practice and continue to promote Lai Tong Pai now and in the future. One day, many years gone by, I hope that someone will be telling the story of our history and Chris's and my story of devotion will be spread to the future generations of practitioners.

In closing, WOW! what a blast it was. We have a lots to share with all who seeks Lai Tong Pai. I look forward to sharing it with all of you.

Chris, you are truly my brother in every aspect of the word. I salute you! Thanks again for all you have done and all you do.

Take care brothers and sisters of Kung Fu,

Sifu Anthony

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Si-Gung was happy!!

Grandmaster is happy. He really enjoyed spending time with the students and brought his wife by to see us. It was really nice to see his family.

We spent time with Sifu li's family last night. We love to see his family, they treat us like their own.

Gabi is having a lot of fun going to the park and doing Tai Chi with a Sifu Wong every morning. He is really good and started working the sword with her.

We are having lots of fun, see everyone soon!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Day One Down

Everyone met Si-Gung (or Si-Jo as all the students are to call him)yesterday. Everyone was nervous but excited. Si-Gung wanted to see every ones form. All were nervous but everyone did fine. Si-Gung loves Gabi and speaks highly of how pretty she looks.
Si-Gung touched hands with everyone and commented on their skill. Most everyone was nervous. Si-Gung put them all at ease and related that he is just like everyone else and not a mean Sifu.
Si-Gung then showed the Pa Pi Doa form and taught all the students this form. This is a great honor as he told Anthony and me that he had never taught this form to anyone. It was clear he wanted to make this a special experience for all. He called everyone intelligent and had the right mind for Kung Fu. He called out Sam and said he had a mind for Kung Fu.
Si-Gung also said Eoin was too skinny and needed to beef up. He also made comments about how much power Steven has and how much better Derek has gotten.

More Later

Sunday, June 15, 2008


This is our 50th post! Thanks to everyone that reads this blog!

Rain has been the story in Hong Kong. Where as we have had great weather everyday, it has rained Saturday and some Sunday. As I write this it is raining out now at 6:30am HKT. We were looking forward to going to the park and doing some Tai Chi. There is a Yang stylist there that is every impressive. Anthony and I have watched him several times and he gives us a bow as he walks in. He doesn't really do this to the others, letting us know that he recognizes us as Martial Artists.

Kung Fu Corner was yesterday. It was the 6th anniversary of the event and we saw some great performances. Among the arts were saw were Southern Style Mantis, White Eyebrow, Choy Li Fut, Hung Gar, wing Chun, Chen Tai Chi, Wu Style Tai Chi, Yang Tai Chi, and several northern styles which I did not recognized the names. Of the perform aces we saw, the Chen Tai Chi was very impressive. We have lots of video and we will be sharing with everyone. Lasha, if you would, we would like you to combine the video. At the Kung Fu Corner, they invited people from the audience to come up and learn some Tai Chi. Gabriele, Anthony, Eoin, and I went up and participated. This was such an honor to be part of the event in this way. Later, we met the president of the Hong Kong Chinese Martial Arts and Lion and Dragon Dancing Association. He invited correspondence with us and gave us the special shirts made just for the event. What an honor to perform in Hong Kong!

Anthony leaves today in just a few hours. I hate to see him go, as you never know when you will be back. Mario, Richard, and Jeff, be proud to study with your Sifu, he has shown true perseverance and love for the art. Grandmaster is proud to have him continue the legacy of Lai Tung Pai.

More Later!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Everyone is Here

We are at the Harbor as we speak and are having a good time. Anthony and I are so proud we get to have students come to see Grandmaster.

It is also a sad time as we found out our friend Joyce has pasted away from cancer. She helped us a lot in 2006 in talking to Si-Gung. She will be missed.

Anthony leaves Monday and we are also sad about that. These trips are living the dream to train with a great Master. I am honored my school brother came with us.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Hi Students, Family and Friends:

What an exciting week it has been. It is Friday morning here and Chris and I have woken up early each day. Today, we woke up at 0530am, got dressed, and headed down to the park to watch the tai chi players. It is a beautiful park and gives you a feeling of being in the asian jungle at times. We worked on Lao Ying, Sup Say Lo/Som Bil Sow, our new Pa Pi form and the our two tai chi forms Wu Shin and the Gik Son Foon. We felt great afterwards. It was hot though.

I am feeling better. Si Gung has given me a prescription (natural something) and then yesterday, Chris wasn't feeling well either, so he gave us some herbs from the shelf for our stomachs. It looked like rabbit food pellets! It did not taste good, but not bad either. Today, I am much better. Si Gung is so awesome!

We worked on Kuen Jong yesterday. We were enlightened usual. Students, you will learn many things when you are here even though you may not realize it. The experience will be one that you will tell you grandkids about! You are all part of a great thing in Lai Tong Pai and part of an ongoing family and legacy.

Mario, Richard and Jeff, I wish you guys were here to experience it all! Shawna I miss you! Alex, Nick, Erik and Krystin, you all would not believe it all! Mom, Dad, and the rest of my fam, it is some experience and it is my second time here, but still it is a feeling that cannot be when it comes to travel. Michah, BINKS! I call him, my grandkid, you will benefit from all that I have done here if you keep up your interest in the art. All the rest of you are invited to learn as well.

I miss you all. Will be home Monday. Sadly, this is my last day with Si Gung, but the students will be here today and I look forward to sharing with them....the Dream!


Special Gifts

Grandmaster started going back over forms we already do and correcting bad postures. We may get a bench form today, if he can find a bench. Anthony is sad, as this is his last day with Grandmaster. We are excited, as everyone comes today. In 8 hours of this post, they will be here.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

What an Honor

Today Grandmaster gave us "something special." I would go into more detail, but it is personal to Anthony and me so we will just say it is an incredible gift.

We finished the Pa Pi Doa this day and wore Anthony and I out again. We came back and took a nap, then out on the town. We went to the Ladies Market and ate at a Pasta place before going to the Harbor. The Harbor is an amazing place at night, no matter when you go there. Doug, Si-Gung asked how you were and pulled out the photo sheet you sent him of the past years events. He was very honored that you would send it to him.

Grandmaster is going into great detail in some areas. Mike, you will really enjoy the clairifaction of the Tai Chi form. Gaps are closing and we are gaining new insights. Where does the power go? How do you train for senseitity in the limbs? These are questions that are being answered.

Students, meet us at the exit to the "B" area where you get your luggage. Steve, hope your not too sore!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Catching up

Changing Hotels has put us behind and a lot has happened. Anthony has gotten sick and I got an eye infection. Si_Gung has given me some medicine and it is helping. Anthony has is gastric infection he fights with so he has gone on a liquid diet. We are both losing weight, 6 pounds each in the first two days!
Yesterday we started the Pa Pi Doa form. Si-Gung said he rarely taught this form to anyone. He also said no one has as much of the style as we have. He has taught everything but not to one person. He gave us his certificate that allows him to teach Kung Fu in Hong Kong. To teach you have to go through a lot of investigation before allowed to teach.
Students, Anthony and I have arranged for you to have 2 days with Grandmaster and he will teach you a form. This costs a little more but I think you will find it is well worth it. Again don't be nervous!
We went to the park this morning and watched several people doing Kung Fu, mostly Tai Chi. It is an awesome sight and I can't wait for us to be in the park with them.
See you soon!

Monday, June 09, 2008


We are here and Si Gung was so excited that we are here. Chris and I have walked so much today. We cannot wait to share the walking with you guys coming over. We were up at 6 am and working out soon thereafter. Much practice to do tonight so we are ready for tomorrow. Got to go now. take care all!

First Day

See the last post on how we started. We then went back to 9 Dragon Park and had a short workout. Off o our sightseeing for the day, where I plan to hold a training session while everyone is here, the Walled City Park. This beautiful place is a local hangout for people doing Martial Arts. We found a person doing Wu Style and took the time to chat a few minutes. Then we went to lunch at the King Wah. We weren't treated well and ate little. Then we went to see Si-Gung
Si-Gung gave us a hug and was very happy to see us. He discussed with us what we want to learn. There is another double sword form we start tomorrow. Today we went in detail over the Tai Chi form. As we learned it so fast last time, we now are getting corrected movements and more understanding. Si-Gung then wanted a late lunch. Back to the King Wah.
We were treated much better this time. Si-Gung admonished them on the way we were treated the last time. We miss the food and Si-Gung is just as funny as ever.
Students, Si-Gung said not to be nervous, he is just like anyone else.
Yeah Whatever!!!

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Were Here!!!

Monday Morning and we just had breakfast. Anthony is a perferred member at the Hotel and we are treated like Kings! We are getting ready to leave to the Walled City park, where is is said Kung Fu is done there daily. We will pratice there then eat lunch at the Red Ant (Doug will be jealous)and will see Grandmaster in the afternoon. Students, be ready. The plane is long and cold and we will meet you at B exit to take you by train. We still can't believe we are in Hong Kong!

Saturday, June 07, 2008

On Our Way!

Anthony has just left and I am in the airport. I always look for signs before I go, well last night I watched the new movie Kung Fu Panda. I can say without spoiling the plot it is a comic personification of Anthony's and my story at the school. I highly recommend this movie, its one for the whole family. I board in about an hour and my next post will be in Hong Kong!

Thursday, June 05, 2008

I'm On!!

Hi Guys! I am on the blog.

Monday, June 02, 2008

5 days

We leave in 5 days. I already start to miss some of the things we have here like family and pets. I trained with my school bvrother, Sifu Mike Garcia, yesterday and went over some internal concepts that might be useful to me when I go. Sifu Anthony is sick right now and I hope him a speedy recovery. 5 days, i can't believe I get to live the dream again.