Monday, June 09, 2008

First Day

See the last post on how we started. We then went back to 9 Dragon Park and had a short workout. Off o our sightseeing for the day, where I plan to hold a training session while everyone is here, the Walled City Park. This beautiful place is a local hangout for people doing Martial Arts. We found a person doing Wu Style and took the time to chat a few minutes. Then we went to lunch at the King Wah. We weren't treated well and ate little. Then we went to see Si-Gung
Si-Gung gave us a hug and was very happy to see us. He discussed with us what we want to learn. There is another double sword form we start tomorrow. Today we went in detail over the Tai Chi form. As we learned it so fast last time, we now are getting corrected movements and more understanding. Si-Gung then wanted a late lunch. Back to the King Wah.
We were treated much better this time. Si-Gung admonished them on the way we were treated the last time. We miss the food and Si-Gung is just as funny as ever.
Students, Si-Gung said not to be nervous, he is just like anyone else.
Yeah Whatever!!!


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