Monday, June 02, 2008

5 days

We leave in 5 days. I already start to miss some of the things we have here like family and pets. I trained with my school bvrother, Sifu Mike Garcia, yesterday and went over some internal concepts that might be useful to me when I go. Sifu Anthony is sick right now and I hope him a speedy recovery. 5 days, i can't believe I get to live the dream again.


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Nice to hear from you. I’m glad that you and Anthony are returning to train with your Grand Master. I will check your blog and share my thoughts. As a long time brother in the arts and your friend, here are some thoughts before you leave.

As you grow in the arts, you reach a critical point where you transcend from the physical to the mental. If you stay in the physical realm, the superior artist is always the quicker, faster, stronger one. You are limited in your ability and in your teaching because one can’t exceed their physical limits. As one ages, our physical powers diminish. This is the critical flaw of the external arts. Your challenge is how do I internalize my art? When you internalize, your potential is unlimited. There is no law that your art must be external. Masters take their art to the next level. Great teachers can see things others miss. My teacher always said that the moves are like a scaffold used to build a building. When the building is complete, the scaffolding can be removed. Techniques are just techniques, moves are just moves; the mastery comes from a correct mind set, overall guiding principles, and appropriate application.

When you study with Grand Master, listen for the unspoken, look for the unseen. This may sound like a bunch of metaphysical crap, but there is reality to it. Tuey has taught me that if I don’t oppose, I can move anywhere. All moves are arcs and circles. If you slow down and really look at the move, you can move out of its way. You can blend with it. If you make the move into a circle around your opponent, you can control him with torque. Look for the space around your opponent. Since you are the target, you always know your opponent’s intent. Corners and angles will help you control his moves. Look for the corners and angles in your art. See them as going around as opposed to going into your opponent. By going around, I mean using the moves to torque him. This will uproot your opponent and make him unable to counter your move. See control as opposed to just strikes. Slow down, wait for the move. Feel your and their energy. Remember, you let the animal enter the trap, you don’t throw the trap at him.

Professor Huo told me that Tai Chi is boxing; you are boxing for physical and mental health. The self defense is secondary. However, one had to understand self defense in order to reap the health benefits. Non opposition and proper energy management will greatly help your martial, teaching and health goals.

When will you be leaving for Hong Kong? Let me know and I will watch for your blog. I hope all is well with you and yours. My daughter just had our second granddaughter, grand kids are great. Our son just returned from India where he and his business partner set up a business ( He lives in NYC with his girlfriend. My business is ok. I needed to cut the loss from my other non producing offices. I continue to work regularly on my Tai Chi and Ba Gua. Check out our class photo. Tuey is a huge help. His vision, ability, and willingness to teach and share are a gift from the gods. Our focus for the past year has been non opposition. We are working on control with out touching. It is a trip. I don’t know if I will ever get it, but I do know that I have made progress.

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