Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Rain and Review

We started the day with a workout in the park. Derek had not been used to the fast pace and so we took time to work the new forms. We ate breakfast and went to the park again with Doug. Here we met a young lady also doing kung fu. As we worked out we noticed she was doing the same thing as us following along as we did the forms slowly. She could not speak English but we shared some techniques. The world of Kung Fu is a small place and speaks a universal language.

Today it rained a lot and Si-Gung had us reviewing all we had learned. He asked me a lot of questions about the school and was happy to Landon's form. It rained so hard we had to stop working out. We went with Si-Gung to buy weapons, Chris W. I got you a set of Butterfly swords and bought the school a set of Cern Dao. You have some change left over. Si-Gung is going to give us three more forms in the last three days! This will give our total of 8 forms in 12 days.

More later...


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