Wednesday, November 15, 2006

We learn more...

Today we started Bagua Poon Kuen. This was a form I have wanted to learn for years. Sifu has always talked about this form. We have all but seven moves. It is fun, but I have the flu and had to take it easy today. Chris and Doug did not however; and they trained hard as possible. Si-Gung is very respectful to Doug and his art. He respects that Doug is still learning and told us how we must practice every day to keep the information fresh in our minds. I hear Jerry did well at the tournament, hope all else is good back there.

More later...


Blogger Derek said...

Cant wait to to get there and see some of the stuff you guys have already learned. ill talk to you guys in a couple of days . my flight leaves in less than eight hours. im excited!!!


10:13 PM  

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