Saturday, November 11, 2006

Second Day

Well how about this. We did our intensive training, starting with practicing the form we learned yesterday. Si-Gung really drove it into our heads to stay up with him so we can learn the most. We picked a random stop on the subway and walked around. There was an outdoor food market not for the weak of stomach! We will just say fish heads, chicken feet and a whole goat. We came back and went to Si-Gung's place. We have been honored enough to train where Sifu Li used to train. Si-Gung taught us the begining to Ya Say Sow (24 hands) and worked on the 5 element tai chi form. Si-Gung gave us an intense but fulfilling workout. We left Si-Gung and decided to go to the horbor. Hong Kong harbor is quite beautiful at night. I am writting this form a coffee house right on the horbor looking at a Chinese Junk sail by. I hope everyone is well. I miss everyone and wish everybody could share this experience. I miss Gabi the most.

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Blogger gabi said...

Hi everyone,

I am glad you are all having so much fun. We had a good class this morning. Sifu decided it was time for all of us to learn the kwando/jamado. We worked on nothing else for over an hour. i am almost done packing for my trip to China. Chris, I miss you too!

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