Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Almost Time

Sifu Chris Si Hing Chris and Sifu Doug all leave next week. I leave in exactly 2 weeks. I'm very excited to meet and study with Si Gung. I'm also nervous. I've been working hard to learn all I can before we go so that I can get the most of my time with Si Gung. I feel like I barley have a handle on all I've learned so far and I know Si Gung will be teaching us new forms. It will probably take me at least a year to really understand and perfect all the new things I've learned. That's the fun of kung fu it's a life long learning process. Wish me luck!


Blogger Alan Ludmer said...


Some more thoughts to either thoroughly confuse or greatly help you.

1. I was wondering why most of your art appeared to be based upon the back foot. My preference was to defend on the back and attack on the front. I was wondering how the power/momentum was generated.
2. I worked with my teacher Tuey last night. What I realized was that I was only seeing your art in snap shot form – one frame at a time instead of seeing the big picture.
3. You can achieve internal power no matter what foot you are on as long as you are in motion. What I see is that you are shifting from front to back. As long as you don’t stop to do a move, this should be just as effective as back to front.
4. The critical point is to keep moving/shifting from leg to leg. Keep your posture straight and you will have the power of movement.


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Blogger Candace said...

Don't forget my fan

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