Sunday, October 29, 2006

What can I say? We have been training hard with Sifu Li and Sifu Alan. The lessons learned are nothing short of amazing. We have all advanced to the next level now. Sifu Li is impressed with our progress, but I know it is because of our wonderful teachers. My friend Sifu Doug Moffett is going to join us to train with Grandmaster. I am honored he would like to come study and I am hoping his insights will give us more understanding as we train.

I also would like to thank all of our spouses and friends for the support. Thank you for letting us live our dreams.


Blogger Alan Ludmer said...


Some more thoughts to either thoroughly confuse or greatly help you.

1. I was wondering why most of your art appeared to be based upon the back foot. My preference was to defend on the back and attack on the front. I was wondering how the power/momentum was generated.
2. I worked with my teacher Tuey last night. What I realized was that I was only seeing your art in snap shot form – one frame at a time instead of seeing the big picture.
3. You can achieve internal power no matter what foot you are on as long as you are in motion. What I see is that you a shifting from front to back. As long as you don’t stop to do a move, this should be just as effective as back to front.
4. The critical point is to keep moving/shifting from leg to leg. Keep your posture straight and you will have the power of movement.


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