Wednesday, October 25, 2006

2 Weeks to Go

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Well, 2 weeks until we leave. It's down to crunch time in getting in the final training and preparation. Blending the teaching of Sifu with the insights offered by Sifu Alan have led to much growth, but also much confusion. How can you be soft and not panic when you feel that fist headed for you? How can you generate power without turning your waist? How do you hide your power until the last second? Many questions...much learning to do...


Blogger Alan Ludmer said...


Many thanks for being a great host. You made a long trip much more enjoyable. I was glad we were able to get together. It is great to see how much your art has grown. You will be a great teacher and practitioner.

I can’t resist some general thoughts before you go. Moves and techniques are interesting, but are like only learning one song. Growth in any art is dependant upon understanding and integrating key principles. When you learn the principles, you can make your own music. For internal art growth:

1. Focus on non opposition – don’t confront strength with strength. Help their movements, attack from the flanks, or any direction that does not oppose their move. If it gets hard, reverse the circle.

2. Round all your movements. These can be tiny circles, but they will always be in motion. Round off your strikes. This will help your defense, take your opponent off balance, and put you in position for your next move.

3. There are only 2 kinds of moves, those that have your weight behind them and those that don’t. Your form stresses a moving energy which is fine. Don’t lean, overturn, or try to force any moves. In time you will see that you are already there. You don’t need to do anything.

4. Relax and listen to your opponent. Let him move first, you can just ride the back part of his move (circle) onto him. Be careful not to get ahead of your opponent or your move. Timing is critical. Never rush. See the circle.

Have a great time in China. It should be a wonderful trip. I hope Gabriel’s trip goes as well. Write me when you return. Thanks again for the book.

Best regards,


Alan R. Ludmer
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