Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Another Day, Another Form

We learned the Poon Kuen form today. Si Gung wanted to see what forms we do so we demo-ed them for him. He was proud for what Sifu Li taught us. I have new respect for Sifu Li. We train 4 hours on a roof under the hot Hong Kong sun. Sifu Li trained every day for 1 year, 6-8 hours a day. Training is hard. We asked Si-Gung what Sifu was like when he trained. Si-Gung was very mean to his students. One of Sifu's S-Hing's (older school brother) said they were beat up after training. We are like the grandchildren, Si-Gung is very nice to us.

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Blogger Alan Ludmer said...

Dear Chris,
Glad you trip is going well. You have a wonderful opportunity to learn from great masters. Much of what you learn could have easily have been lost forever. Good that you also are taking the time to have some fun. When you meet with your master, could you watch for a couple of things?

1. How does he generate power? Does he use weigh transference, body dynamics, or does he have an internal focus? Can you discern a change in his touch; does it get harder or softer? Do his movements come from space, does he focus on your flanks, and can you see his circles? When he moves you, how does it feel?

2. How does he deal with opposition? Does he yield, shift his body, redirect your energy? How does he see his role as grand master? What are his thoughts on developing his art? What constitutes a higher level? How does one grow their art?

I would be most interested in your response.
All the best,

2:19 PM  

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