Thursday, November 16, 2006

We already have our money's worth and we still have 6 days left!

We finished off BaGua Poon Kuen today. Si-Gung is setting a blistering pace. For those reading the blog that don't do Kung Fu, imagine learning how to tap dance one day, swing dance another, and modern dance the next. This is what learning new forms are like. We worked some weapons today. The heat is rough, around 85-90 and 80% humidity.

Miss everyone, more later...


Blogger dgrucci said...

I look forward to reading you guys' posts every morning. Good call on setting up this blog, Sifu! I can't wait to see the new forms and hear all the stories you are sure to bring back. In the meantime, Sifu Li and the Sihings (sounds like a good name for a band!) are keeping us in line back here in the states.

7:33 AM  

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