Monday, November 20, 2006

Back to Work!!!!

Boy was the two days off nice, but now it was time to get back to it. Si-Gung taught us another new form Elo Kuen. I have never even heard of this form. Derek was tired and excited to meet Si-Gung, but he didn't sleep too much the night before. This took its toll of him early, as you can read by his blog below.

Doug and I went shopping for more stuff and bought some. We found a book store but they were closing in 5 minutes so we came back here and thought we would blog.

More to come, tomorrow Si-Gung is taking us to buy high quality weapons.


Blogger Alan Ludmer said...

Love your blog. What a wonderful experience. More questions for you.
1. Now that you have been working with your teacher for a while, are you better able to read his energy? Does he motivate with his legs first or his arms?
2. Can you feel variances in his energy? Does it feel different at times, like water, metal, wood, etc?
3. Are his senior students more or less skilled than you? Can they stand up to Doug? Are their movements strong and continuous?
4. Do you do much free sparing? I know you are in a heavy form focus, but are the Ba Gua and Tai Chi forms used in any sparing or other application?

Best regards,


8:17 AM  

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