Saturday, November 18, 2006

Chris Leaves, Derek in the House, Party Time!

Our brother, Chris Woodrow went back to the states on Saturday. He was sad but looks forward to getting home and seeing his family. Derek came in Friday night and met us for a trip to the Peak. Derek brought his father along and he wasn't thrilled about the steps in Hong Kong.

We went and had supper with Sifu Li's family. They, as always, welcomed us as family. Sifu's mom was happy I brought pictures, and we were glad we brought a smile to her face. I know she misses her son very much. We were deep in the New Territories. The locals were surprised to see "round eye" this deep in Hong Kong. As always, this was a fantastic meal that we would have never found.

Later as we were going back, we decided to check out the German Bier Fest at the Marco Polo hotel. This was the party in Hong Kong! Ask me for the pictures and video of the Chicken Dance and Alpine Horn contest. Stephen, you missed the party.

We woke up later than normal Sunday morning and went to breakfast. There we met a New Zealand female power lifter. We had an interesting conversation. We then went to our park and worked out for a good hour. This felt good to loosen up and get back in the swing of things. We went to the park to see the Kung Fu in the park, a weekly demo put on by local schools. This day was mostly Tai Chi. Talk about a small world, we met two competitors from Baltimore and Doug and I had in our rings! They went to the Singapore tournament and were taking a little tour of Asia. Incredible!

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