Friday, June 20, 2008

Last Day

What a way to start a last day! We went to the park where Sifu Wong (Gabi's adopted Tai Chi Sifu) started teaching her his movements. He was very exact in his movements. Minor changes in stance and positioning to correct movements. He was very powerful to be 76 years old! He was very sad to see Gabi go. He wants her to come back and see her.

Eoin and Sam came to the park today where I had them run through their forms. It was hot and they were tired, but it was well worth it. I walked around the park and found some people playing Mantis. this turned out to be Master Yuen Man Kai. He is a school brother to Branden Lai of the Plum Flower Mantis System. He showed us a form and then gave us a free Mantis seminar. He knows of our Grandmaster and was kind enough to show us some pictures. Among the Pictures, was one from the U.K. from the White Cloud Kung Fu Association. I asked if he knew Steve Clark and he remembered him form his travels there. We had a lot of fun and wished we found him earlier in the trip as he promise to teach us. Doug, this was the same Master that our friends from Brazil learned from.

We will be going to the Big Buddha today on Lantau Island. Can't wait to get back, but will miss my Hong Kong.



Blogger Jerry said...

We all miss you here in the states and can't wait to see you all and hear all the good travels!! Safe and speedy returns to you all!!!

7:49 PM  
Blogger Jerry said...

by the way......did you ever learn any of the bench form??????
"Benchlover" Jerry

7:52 PM  

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