Monday, June 16, 2008

Day One Down

Everyone met Si-Gung (or Si-Jo as all the students are to call him)yesterday. Everyone was nervous but excited. Si-Gung wanted to see every ones form. All were nervous but everyone did fine. Si-Gung loves Gabi and speaks highly of how pretty she looks.
Si-Gung touched hands with everyone and commented on their skill. Most everyone was nervous. Si-Gung put them all at ease and related that he is just like everyone else and not a mean Sifu.
Si-Gung then showed the Pa Pi Doa form and taught all the students this form. This is a great honor as he told Anthony and me that he had never taught this form to anyone. It was clear he wanted to make this a special experience for all. He called everyone intelligent and had the right mind for Kung Fu. He called out Sam and said he had a mind for Kung Fu.
Si-Gung also said Eoin was too skinny and needed to beef up. He also made comments about how much power Steven has and how much better Derek has gotten.

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