Sunday, June 15, 2008


This is our 50th post! Thanks to everyone that reads this blog!

Rain has been the story in Hong Kong. Where as we have had great weather everyday, it has rained Saturday and some Sunday. As I write this it is raining out now at 6:30am HKT. We were looking forward to going to the park and doing some Tai Chi. There is a Yang stylist there that is every impressive. Anthony and I have watched him several times and he gives us a bow as he walks in. He doesn't really do this to the others, letting us know that he recognizes us as Martial Artists.

Kung Fu Corner was yesterday. It was the 6th anniversary of the event and we saw some great performances. Among the arts were saw were Southern Style Mantis, White Eyebrow, Choy Li Fut, Hung Gar, wing Chun, Chen Tai Chi, Wu Style Tai Chi, Yang Tai Chi, and several northern styles which I did not recognized the names. Of the perform aces we saw, the Chen Tai Chi was very impressive. We have lots of video and we will be sharing with everyone. Lasha, if you would, we would like you to combine the video. At the Kung Fu Corner, they invited people from the audience to come up and learn some Tai Chi. Gabriele, Anthony, Eoin, and I went up and participated. This was such an honor to be part of the event in this way. Later, we met the president of the Hong Kong Chinese Martial Arts and Lion and Dragon Dancing Association. He invited correspondence with us and gave us the special shirts made just for the event. What an honor to perform in Hong Kong!

Anthony leaves today in just a few hours. I hate to see him go, as you never know when you will be back. Mario, Richard, and Jeff, be proud to study with your Sifu, he has shown true perseverance and love for the art. Grandmaster is proud to have him continue the legacy of Lai Tung Pai.

More Later!


Blogger Alan Ludmer said...

Does your Master discuss leading the energy with the eyes? Where does he look and when?

I'm things are going well. What a great experience.

Best regards,

9:04 AM  
Blogger Chris Facente said...

Yes Grandmaster has often spoken of this. He also talks about seeing the hole but with the arms through feeling.

6:19 PM  

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