Thursday, June 12, 2008

Hi Students, Family and Friends:

What an exciting week it has been. It is Friday morning here and Chris and I have woken up early each day. Today, we woke up at 0530am, got dressed, and headed down to the park to watch the tai chi players. It is a beautiful park and gives you a feeling of being in the asian jungle at times. We worked on Lao Ying, Sup Say Lo/Som Bil Sow, our new Pa Pi form and the our two tai chi forms Wu Shin and the Gik Son Foon. We felt great afterwards. It was hot though.

I am feeling better. Si Gung has given me a prescription (natural something) and then yesterday, Chris wasn't feeling well either, so he gave us some herbs from the shelf for our stomachs. It looked like rabbit food pellets! It did not taste good, but not bad either. Today, I am much better. Si Gung is so awesome!

We worked on Kuen Jong yesterday. We were enlightened usual. Students, you will learn many things when you are here even though you may not realize it. The experience will be one that you will tell you grandkids about! You are all part of a great thing in Lai Tong Pai and part of an ongoing family and legacy.

Mario, Richard and Jeff, I wish you guys were here to experience it all! Shawna I miss you! Alex, Nick, Erik and Krystin, you all would not believe it all! Mom, Dad, and the rest of my fam, it is some experience and it is my second time here, but still it is a feeling that cannot be when it comes to travel. Michah, BINKS! I call him, my grandkid, you will benefit from all that I have done here if you keep up your interest in the art. All the rest of you are invited to learn as well.

I miss you all. Will be home Monday. Sadly, this is my last day with Si Gung, but the students will be here today and I look forward to sharing with them....the Dream!



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