Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Si-Gung was happy!!

Grandmaster is happy. He really enjoyed spending time with the students and brought his wife by to see us. It was really nice to see his family.

We spent time with Sifu li's family last night. We love to see his family, they treat us like their own.

Gabi is having a lot of fun going to the park and doing Tai Chi with a Sifu Wong every morning. He is really good and started working the sword with her.

We are having lots of fun, see everyone soon!


Blogger Alan Ludmer said...

Everything sound great, you deserve much credit. You have done a wonderful thing for your school, your students, and yourself.
Quick question, has your Sifu discussed movement in terms of segmentation, i.e. moving legs then upper body or vice versa? Does he teach that movement is synchronized and everything moves together?

12:58 PM  

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