Monday, July 28, 2008

Tournaments and Such

Just got back from the KouShu Tournament and had a blast. My thanks to all that work that tournament every year. Special thanks to the World KouShu Federation, they are always number one.

I am honored to be invited to judge and referee at this tournament every year. To be among the greatest martial artists in the world is such an honor. Not only the CACMA sifus but people like Grandmaster Huang, lineage holder of Tein Shan Pai, Joe "Iron Fist" Dunphy, Grandmaster Steve Martin of the White Crane system, Grandmaster Chan Pui of the Wah Lum School, and many others to numerous to name.

Always be respectful when meeting others, you never know who you will be meeting.


Sunday, July 20, 2008

How Easy!

I was watching National Geographic's Fight Science and it was on self defence. I have always wondered why many martial arts separate self defence. I always thought that fighting is fighting. If I am fighting, it is going to be in self defence. i don't know any true martial artists that go out looking for a fight. I am not counting sport, which is a different game altogether.

But back to Fight Science. I saw many defences that I know I learned as basic Kung Fu strikes that I learned long ago. What the show did teach me was how easy it is to hurt someone. A simple palm strike to the bladder area was measured to break the pelvic ring, causing the body's foundation to collapse and the person to fall down and not be able to walk or even crawl. This strike is taught in our first form.

Kung Fu is deadly, respect all life and defend yourself. Take care to use only the physical part of Kung Fu when needed.


Friday, July 11, 2008

Internal Arts

I have moved more internal in my art. I have tried to adapt my form, only to find it is the way it should have been done all along.

Lets look at a punch. A jab for example. When we punch my shoulders are down, my hips turn slightly and force is delivered. This is over simplified but proves a point. I am connecting the 6 harmonies.

Think about it.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Things I forgot

I did not even mention our trip to Macau. This island is a former Portuguese col only and is the Las Vegas of Asia. While we gambled in the Sands, we also felt a different presence there.

We were able to find the one Kung Fu school on Macau. They were blessing their temple with Lions and a Dragon dance. No one really spoke English, but I will try to figure out what style they were by showing Sifu Li the signs they had posted.

I believe I will try weekly posts to this blog, in hopes that writing down my ideas will enhance my knowledge.


Saturday, July 05, 2008


Amazing is the only way I can describe it. What a dream to not only get to come here to Hong Kong but to have students come also. Its full circle. I know my Sifu is proud and Grandmaster really enjoyed the trip. We will be back. Keep watching!