Friday, July 11, 2008

Internal Arts

I have moved more internal in my art. I have tried to adapt my form, only to find it is the way it should have been done all along.

Lets look at a punch. A jab for example. When we punch my shoulders are down, my hips turn slightly and force is delivered. This is over simplified but proves a point. I am connecting the 6 harmonies.

Think about it.


Blogger Alan Ludmer said...

It is good that you are moving to a more internal approach. Your trip seems to have inspired a paradigm shift in your thoughts. It is amazing what you can learn when you are exposed to the right people.

Regarding your thoughts on a punch; try to think of force as movement. You don’t turn it on or off, it is constant. Your downstairs achieves stability (centering), then upstairs releases the movement in a circular manner. The movement arcs from you back and returns in a circle to your back. In the internal all movements are generated from the back. All moves are arcs or circles. In this way you never oppose and are always drawing your opponent back to you.

Keep me posted on your progress. Tuey is working with me on non opposition. In my current drill, I must walk a circle while he attacks from the center. I can’t speed up, use my arms/hands, and I must stay on a circle around him. I must work to control him and move to his back. It is a struggle.

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