Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The 8 ways

Look at this symbol *. We know this as the astrix or envision a + with and X through it. This represents the 8 ways. 8 Way stepping or walking th circle, its all footwork. Look into your forms and you will see these patterns exist. The Tai Chi form (108) starts with the first 4 moves in this pattern + and the second 4 in X pattern.

Look close and you will see.



Blogger Alan Ludmer said...

Nice insight. This is why Tai Chi is called the circle within the square or vice versa. When one understands these directions, you can see angles and directions around opposition. Remember to re-calibrate after every move. Looking and knowing where to go is the basis of non opposition.

I’m glad you are providing a blog for your students. This is valuable information.
All the best,

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