Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Training and Perspective

What an awesome opportunity to train with the Grandmaster of Lai Tung Pai, Kong Chiu Hoi, in Hong Kong and to accompany Sifu Chris Facente, Sifu Chris Woodrow, and Mint Hill Lai Tung Pai practitioner, Derek Nester, these last couple of weeks!! Having trained in northern style Kung Fu for 35 years, where footwork mobility and forward movement with the feet and body are king, it was quite revealing to train in a top notch southern style, Lai Tung Pai, where stability and forward movement of the "encircling hands" are king. Many times during training I was reminded by the translator that "I play the Bok Pai" (northern style) instead of the "Lam Kuen" (southern style). It will take much time to reflect and train utilizing all of the new information in light of this new perspective. Again, my thanks and gratitude go out to Sifu Chris Facente, who Grandmaster Kong Chiu Hoi designated as a future heir to Lai Tung Pai!


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