Wednesday, November 15, 2006

My thanks and appreciation again to Sifu Chris Facente for the invitation to join him and Sifu Chris Woodrow for 15 days of training with the Grandmaster of Lei Tung Pai, Kong Chiu-Hoi! Grandmaster Kong Hoi, "Si-Gong" is a ball of energy in his mid-late 70'S! He is tough yet generous with his 'time and effort". Today we completed the 5th day of training and we are into our 4th form! The volume of information has been at the top! We have spent 4 hours in the afternoon with Si-Gong each day learning and repeating the forms, and doing "luk sao" with each other and with Si-Gong! After dinner and dropping off to sleep some nights right after we get back to the room, we arise to start again. After breakfast we walk to the local park to practice and analyze the information. Because of my background in "bok pai", northern style forms, Si-Gong has now recommended that I apply myself and "empty my cup" and I have strived to do that from Day One. Rolling Hands with Chris and Chris and Si-Gong has been quite revealing and thrilling and I look forward to this fascinating form of practice drills each day.


Blogger Alan Ludmer said...

It has been a long time since we have worked out together. I enjoyed your fire and passion for the arts. Glad you could empty your cup and join Chris. What a wonderful experience. Chris is an exceptional guy, please take good care of him.
Look forward to seeing you soon.
Best Regards,
Alan Ludmer

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