Sunday, November 19, 2006

After breakfast Chris and I practiced the newest Lai Tung Pai forms this am for about an hour at the public park - they're starting to integrate a little bit - and then off to watch the ''Kung Fu Corner" in Kowloon Park near where Derek ("Spicey D") and Stan (Derek's Dad, aka "Big Daddy") are staying. [They had gone to the Po Lin Monastery this am and probably will have lots to say about their journey.] Sifu Lee's sister May joined us to watch the local kung fu practice too. After the opening Lion Dance at the Kung Fu Corner, a couple of Wushu and Tai Chi groups demonstrated for almost 2 hours their solo and group empty hand and weapons forms, including single and double fan, broadsword, straight sword, and staff forms. As Chris mentioned, while we were watching 2 Kung Fu competitors from Brazil came up to us and said that they had recognized us from Hunt Valley (Baltimore) Kuoshu Tournament earlier this year. "Small World", is right! We chatted for awhile and took some pictures. As the demonstrations wound down, we parted ways, we headed back to the Kowloon Hotel to meet Derek and Stan, who then joined us for dinner and the street markets by our hotel here.


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